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Exam 1 study guide - You must understand how to write the...

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From the chapter on logic: Know the logical connectives (and, or, not, etc) Know truth tables and how to construct them Understand what is meant by tautology Understand what is meant by a valid argument Understand how things are proved. Be familiar with the deduction rules and equivalence rules (you don’t have to remember them all, just the major ones) Understand the universal and existential quantifiers. Understand what is meant by a predicate and a valid predicate Understand the relationship between universal and existential quantifiers From the chapter on Proofs and Recursion Understand mathematical induction. You will definitely be asked to prove something by induction, but not a really difficult problem.
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Unformatted text preview: You must understand how to write the proof with exactness. General sloppy statements in the proof will result in penalization Understand recursive sets, recursive definitions and recursive functions From the chapter on Sets and Counting Understand all the basic set concepts and Venn Diagrams Understand basic counting techniques (multiplication, addition, pigeonhole, inclusion/exclusion) Understand permutations and combinations and be prepared for these kinds of problems. Understand the basic rules and ideas of probability TO THE EXTENT THAT WE COVERED THEM. Consecutive events Mutually exclusive events conditional probability...
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