intro to addictions - Jordanlyn Giles February 10, 2007...

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Jordanlyn Giles February 10, 2007 Intro to Addictions Robert Chapman “Round Two” Addiction is a phenomenon which has proven, to me, to be more individualized than a person’s wardrobe! Addiction is an individual process in each person’s life, along with the process of treatment. Currently, there isn’t a right a wrong method to treatment. Nothing always works, nothing is guaranteed and nothing is for certain in the mind of addiction. With the understanding that each person experiences addiction differently it can only be assumed that they also have a preference for treatment. One of the most common methods of treatment is Alcoholics Anonymous. Although addicts can share their experiences in a group setting, even AA has proven to be an individualized process. I have now attended a total of three AA meetings and each one has been so different. Depending on their geographic location, spiritual beliefs and the individuals in the group themselves, AA’s united goal of treatment brings together each individual. In my quest to better understand the inner workings of AA I decided to go to two meetings in the same area, on the same day. My thought process was that if I went to two meetings, right down the road from one another, that the people of the group would be similar and I could focus more on what AA was about, rather than who AA was about. Both of the meetings took place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on
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intro to addictions - Jordanlyn Giles February 10, 2007...

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