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Lauren Triche Hillhouse HUEC 2010 – SECT 001 Food Diary # 1 September 20, 2010 According to MyPyramid, the amount of “fruits” and “oils” I am eating isn’t even registering on the pyramid and my amount of food from the “milk” category is almost nonexistent. I don’t like milk at all, so that’s a problem. However I do eat yogurt for breakfast occasionally and I thought that would suffice for the calcium intake requirement; but obviously I do need to eat more foods from the “milk” category daily. I really do enjoy fruit but I definitely don’t eat it every day, so that’s something I need to increase in my diet. In contrast, I am getting over 100% of the “meat and beans” and “discretionary” category frequently. This doesn’t surprise me because I grew up on a farm and we always did eat a lot of meats. I didn’t think my “discretionary” category would be over the limit since I don’t eat junk food or anything of that nature; that’s quite the eye- opener. As for the “vegetables” category, the pyramid reflects that I am getting under 50% for
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