Syllabus - HUEC 2010 Nutrition in Health Section 001...

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Unformatted text preview: HUEC 2010 Nutrition in Health Section 001 Syllabus Fall 2010 Instructor : Judy Myhand Office Hours: by appointment . Office: 263 Knapp Hall Phone: 578-2529 Classroom and class time: Lockett Room 6, 12:40-1:30 e-mail: Course Description : Human Ecology 2010. Nutrition in Health (3) prerequisite: BIOL 1001 or BIOL 1201 or CHEM 1001 or CHEM 1201. This course is primarily for students planning to enter dietetics, nursing, and other health-related professions. The focus will be on the principles of nutrition and their application in promoting health with emphasis on the healthy adult. The course will also give guidelines for assessing nutritional status. Text : Nutrition Science and Applications, Smolin & Grosvenor, 2 nd edition General Education: Human Ecology 2010 is a General Education Life Science Course. Human Ecology 2010 is designed to address several General Education Outcomes including an appreciation of the methods of critical inquiry and a comprehension of how knowledge is acquired and applied. A significant portion of this course is devoted to: understanding of the cellular organization of life, understanding of the molecular basis of heredity and genetics, and the behavior of organisms. The General Education Learning Goals Students will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of a broad survey in the discipline, including the underlying principles that govern the natural world. Demonstrate the ability to use inductive and deductive reasoning to understand scientific phenomena. To learn more about the General Education program at LSU, check out the website of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee or the General Education website . Course Objectives : After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Relate the importance of food and nutrition to physical well-being. 2. Describe the processes of digestion, absorption, transport, and the metabolism of nutrients. 3. Identify the essential nutrients, describe their role in human nutrition, and list food sources of the nutrients. 4. Apply nutrition guidelines and food labeling information to your diet. 5. Describe the scientific method and how it is used to evaluate current fads and misinformation about diet and food. Important point : Attend all classes regularly and punctually. You are responsible for all material covered in class and assigned reading in the text....
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This note was uploaded on 10/13/2010 for the course HUEC 2010 taught by Professor Judymyhand during the Spring '08 term at LSU.

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Syllabus - HUEC 2010 Nutrition in Health Section 001...

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