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Kwashiorkor appears in children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. The reason is that Student Response Feedback A. children have been weaned from breast milk early. B. by this time adequate exposure to other children allows them to catch it. C. protein intake has been high for a long enough time to cause kidney damage. D. growth needs are low. The basic building block of a protein is called a(n) Student Response Feedback A. keto acid. B. fatty acid. C. amino acid. D. monosaccharide. Food proteins are used most efficiently when we Student Response Feedback A. eat large quantities of protein even though our kcalorie intake may be low. B. are eating enough fat even though carbohydrate intake may be low. C. are eating a very low kcalorie diet. D. are consuming enough carbohydrates and fats to meet our kcalorie needs. What enzyme is released by the stomach to digest protein?
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Student Response Feedback A. Lipoprotein lipase B. Pepsin C. Amylase D. Trypsin Approximately how many different amino acids are used in the synthesis of body proteins? Student Response Feedback A. 9 B. 20 C. 29 D. 5 What is meant by the amino acid sequence of a protein? Student Response Feedback A. Order of appearance of amino acids in the peptide chain B. Order of appearance of only the essential amino acids in the protein C. Number of side chains in the protein D. Folding arrangement of the peptide chain High protein diets may be harmful for Student Response Feedback A. body builders. B. those with kidney disease. C. athletes. D. the elderly. A hereditary condition caused by an incorrect amino acid in the amino acid sequence of a protein chain is
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Student Response Feedback A. edema. B. kwashiorkor. C. marasmus. D. sickle cell anemia. Proteins that bind to foreign proteins in the body are Student Response Feedback A. antibodies. B. hormones. C. enzymes. D. collagen. Proteins are digested in which areas of the body? Student Response Feedback A. Small and large intestines B. Mouth and small intestine C. Stomach and small intestine D. Mouth and stomach Wilma is an alcoholic. Her liver has been damaged to such a degree that it cannot produce the appropriate blood proteins for fluid balance. She develops a condition called edema, which is Student Response Feedback A. loss of muscle mass. B. extreme thirst. C. the build up of fluids in extracellular spaces. D. cardiovascular disease. Which of the following is a food that provides all of the essential amino acids? Student Response Feedback A. Wheat B. Peanut butter C. Milk D. Navy beans
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When comparing plant sources of protein to animal sources, we could say Student Response Feedback A. plant sources tend to be high in cholesterol. B. plant sources tend to be high in saturated fat. C.
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