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Chapter 14 Outline I. Why Is Food Safety Important? A. Food-borne illness affects 76 million Americans each year. 1. Food-borne illness includes any symptom or illness that arises from ingesting food or water that contains harmful microorganisms or their products. 2. A food allergy is also sometimes considered a food-borne illness. B. Spoilage affects a food’s appeal and safety. C. Technologic manipulation of food raises safety concerns. 1. Food additives are chemicals added to foods to enhance them in some way. a. Food preservatives are chemicals added to foods to help maintain their freshness and appearance. b. Pesticides are a family of chemicals used to decrease destruction caused by insects and fungus. c. Other residues remaining in foods can be harmful. D. Government regulations control food safety. II. What Causes Food-Borne Illness? A. Food-borne illness is caused by microorganisms and their toxins. 1. Several types of microbes poison foods. a. Campylobacter jejuni is the most common cause of food infection. b. Salmonella is the second most common cause of food infection. c. Viruses also cause disease. d. Helminths can infect humans. e. Giardia intestinalis causes giardiasis. f. Fungi rarely cause food infection.
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Chapter%2014%20Outline%20for%20posting - Chapter 14 Outline...

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