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Scenarios for exam 1 fall 2009

Scenarios for exam 1 fall 2009 - Scenarios for exam 1...

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Scenarios for exam 1 – Nicols – MGT 4373 – Fall 2009 Scenario 1: Oopsidaisy Corporation is a nation-wide window washing service. Its employees wash windows on tall buildings and skyscrapers for various commercial customers. Oopsidaisy has a very high accident rate at its Slippery Rock, Arkansas location. Many of the more senior Oopsidaisy employees refuse to wear their safety harnesses when working at extreme heights, because they say “they know what they are doing.” Window washing is a very stressful job, and some employees have resorted to the use of alcohol and marijuana on lunch breaks “just to relax.” Scenario 2: CyberRocket Technologies is a high-tech company that makes cyber technology products for NASA’s space shuttle program. CyberRocket has an exciting new product, the Astro-Cruiser, which is a virtual Ethernet connection for shuttles orbiting the earth. This product will allow astronauts to cruise the Web while cruising in space. The product depends on vastly new technology requiring knowledge of astrophysics.
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