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CHAPTER 3 GLOBALIZATION  “Culture bound theory of motivation”? GLOBALIZATION – interdependency of transportation, distribution, communication and economic  networks across international borders -Levitt believes global corporation avoids high costs by offering universal standardized  products for a homogeneous world market.  Is this possible? -Phases of evolution:  domestic, international, multinational, global CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS -Global strategic skills  (balance between local and world view) -Team building -Organizational skills (creativity, high tolerance for ambiguity, coordination) -Communication -Ability to transfer knowledge/benchmarking CULTURAL/SOCIETAL DIMENSIONS – Why contingency approach? -Nature:  dominance (poor perf.=punishment), preordained (expected), harmony (fix the system  to improve it) -Individualism vs. collectivism (communitarian, eg Germany and Japan) -Time orientation: monochromic vs. polychronic (eg. multitasking) BUT
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This note was uploaded on 10/13/2010 for the course MGT 4373 taught by Professor Newman during the Spring '08 term at Texas State.

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MGT+4375+Chapter+3+Review+Notes -...

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