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prac_test3 - Physics 2 Sample Test 3 Abdul-Razzaq gums 01...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2 ' Sample Test # 3 Abdul-Razzaq gums 01 NA) i) A layer of ice floats on water. If light is incident on the upper surface of the ice at an angle of 30°, from the normal, what is the angle of refraction in the water? Draw a diagram to show the reflected and refracted rays? i 2. (10 Pts) When a woman stands with her face 40.0 cm from a cosmetic mirror, the erect image is twice as her face. a) What is the focal length of the mirror? b) What kind of mirror is this? '30 . . A 3.0-cm high object is located at a distance of 50.0 cm from a m mirror havmg a radius of curvature 40.0 cm. Calculate the position. size, and the nature of the image. Draw a clear ray diagram. / 4r . Light of certain color has a frequency or 6.00::10l4 Hz. Calculate (l) the wavelength in vacuum, (2) its speed and wavelength in glass of n = 1.50. (c = 3.0):108 m/s). 5: If light travels from glass (118 = 1.45) to water (nw = 1.33). what is the critical angle? omagnetic radiation on the I have labeled the lower Label the corresponding {9 .(8 pts) Show the spectrum of the electr frequency/wavelength scale shown below. and the upper values on the frequency scale. lower and upper values on the wavelength scale. 23 lo ' a I E . P ‘ s 3 E S 5 Q: s 3 /0 7a a"; ~‘<.-.(4 pts) What is the relative strength of the magnetic wave as compared to the, electric wave in an electromagnetic wave? b. ( 5 pts) Explain why beef can be cooked in a microwave oven? c. (2 pts) How are electromagnetic waves produced? d. (4 pts) Draw a radio wave? _ e. - v ~ - ' » Use the equation of mirrors and your thinking to calculate the focal length of a'plain mirror. , 8. (6 pts) Construct the image of the object in the following cases. Show the directions (by arrows) of the optical rays. 9. An object 1.2 cm high is placed 4 cm from a convergingJens of focal length 12 cm. A) Locate the image. both algebraically and by using a ray diagram. B) Is the image real or Virtual? C) What is the height of the image? 01. (4 pts) A bar magnet is positioned near a coil of wire as shown in the figure below. What is the direction of the current through the resistor when the magnet is moved to the p . é R . [a .(f5’pts) The magnetic field shown in the figure has a uniform magnitude of 25.0 mT directed into the paper. The initial diameter of the kink is 2.00 cm. The wire is quickly pulled taut, and the kink shrinks to a diameter of zero in 0.05 s. Determine the average voltage induced between endpoints A and B. Include the polarity(- and + terminal). A B ‘ ‘- I“ K # e x x x n X )l n A 1 r F I x a g .x 2cm i ...
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prac_test3 - Physics 2 Sample Test 3 Abdul-Razzaq gums 01...

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