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Quiz Bromination of aniline Chem 236

Quiz Bromination of aniline Chem 236 - N O Br 2 N O Br Br H...

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Student’s Name __________________________ Chem 236 Date: 9/7/2007 Quiz. Aromatic Substitution 1: Bromination of aniline ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. [2 points] Give the product of the following reaction and make sure to balance the equation. N Br 2 + 2. [4 points] Give a mechanism for the reaction shown below. Be sure to Balance the equation.
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Unformatted text preview: N O Br 2 N O Br Br H + + 3. [2 points] What chemicals are needed in the bromination of aniline? Check all that are used in the bromination of aniline. ___Water ___NaHSO 3 ___Ethanol ___Glacial Acetic Acid ___Aniline ___Oil 4. [2 points] The directions tell you to add 68 mg of acetanilide (MW= 135 g/mole) into a 3” test tube. Then add 0.20 mL of 20% bromine in acetic acid. Which is the limiting reagent? Why?...
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