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Quiz Grignard Rxn Chem 236 - experiment. ___NaHSO 3...

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Quiz Name__________________ Chem 236, Grignard Reaction 1. [2 points] Give the product of the following reaction and make sure to balance the equation. Br Mg O OMe H + 2. [4 points] Give the mechanism of the Grignard reaction shown below. MgBr O OMe H + + 3. [2 points] What chemicals are needed in the Grignard reaction of methyl benzoate and phenyl magnesium bromide? Check all that are used in this
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Unformatted text preview: experiment. ___NaHSO 3 ___Water ___Magnesium ___Bromobenzene. ___Ethanol ___Methyl benzoate. ___Ether ___Glacial acetic acid. [2 points] The directions tell you to add 53 mg of magnesium (MW= 24.3 g/mole), 136 mg of methyl benzoate (MW = 136 g/mol), and 392 mg of bromobenzene (MW = 157 g/mol). Which is the limiting reagent? Why?...
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