Exam 1 - Name: AGBI 410 Exam 1 September 17, 2007 Points: 1...

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Name: Points: 1 2 AGBI 410 – Exam 1 3 September 17, 2007 4 5 Total Points toward final grade (16.25%) Section 1. Matching (2 points each). For each numbered statement, select the lettered item that is most closely related to it and place the letter in the space before each number. **Note: some letters may be used more than once. A. anabolic B. carbon C. catabolic D. chaparones E. configuration F. conformation G. denaturation H. guardians I. hydrogen J. hydrogen bond K. hypertonic L. hypotonic M. isotonic N. nitrogen O. oxygen P. peptide bond Q. phi R. psi S. renaturation T. scaffold protein U. transcription V. translation 1. Solutions of equal osmolarity. 2. Type of bond that joins amino acids to each other in a chain. 3. The bond angle between C α and N in the peptide backbone. 4. The process of making a complimentary RNA sequence from DNA. 5. Makes up > 50% of the dry weight of most cells. 6. Structural states that can be achieved without breaking covalent bonds. 7. Loss of three-dimensional structure sufficient to cause a loss of function. 8. The general set of pathways activated when cellular ATP concentrations are low. 9. Formed from a condensation reaction involving carboxyl and amino functional groups. 10. Protein complexes required for the folding of several cellular proteins.
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Name: Section 2 points Section 2. Multiple choice (2 points each). Clearly write the letter on the line before each question. 11.
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Exam 1 - Name: AGBI 410 Exam 1 September 17, 2007 Points: 1...

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