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Sheet1 Page 1 *(Q) Enquiry about the CHOW Test in SPSS <snip> The user is looking for the CHOW test in SPSS. If you want to know what that is there is a clear description at: (No I am not advertising a competitor as it is not in stata apparently either!) <snip> *(A) Posted to SPSSX-L on 2001/10/10 by David Matheson (SPSS Technical Support) There are a pair of solutions on our AnswerNet for performing the Chow solution was written more recently and uses the UNIANOVA procedure (Analyze->General Linear Model->Univariate in the menus). The second solution is older, uses the Regression procedure and is slighltly more labor-intensive in that it requires you to compute some interaction variables before running the Regression. Solution 100009917: An easy way to perform a Chow test Q. Can you show me how to perform a Chow test in SPSS? A. The Chow test provides a test of whether the set of linear regression parameters (i.e., the intercepts and slopes) is equal across groups. SPSS AnswerNet Solution ID 100000298 presents a thorough description of what the Chow test is, how it may be calculated, and how to use COMPUTE statements and the SPSS REGRESSION procedure to obtain a Chow test. The present solution shows a more convenient way to conduct this test using SPSS's General Linear Model (GLM) procedure. The easiest way to do this is to build a simple model from the dialog boxes, paste the syntax into an SPSS Syntax Editor window, make a slight modification to the DESIGN subcommand, and then run the commands from the editor window. We'll show you how to do this using a hypothetical example. Let's say we have a dependent variable named Y, a continuous predictor named
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ChowTest - *(Q) Enquiry about the CHOW Test in SPSS ...

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