hominid comparison (MMW1)

hominid comparison (MMW1) - modern human curved cage less...

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Australopithecus afarensis Neanderthal homo erectus time range 4-3 million years ago 200-30thousand years ago 200-1.8 thousand year ago location North Africa, Europe(main) Eurasia brain size 380-450cc 1200-1800cc 800-900cc body size 30-65kg similar to human similar to H sapiens habitats woodland, savannah steppe, tundra both cold and warm cranial characteristics similar to modern chimps lower back are of skull  chewing apparatus less   Large thick enameled more round than Homo robust. Face and cranium    molars and premolars,  erectus, skull shape long still heavy bones,    large incisors(front teeth) and low, with sloped-back pronounced brow ridges     forehead and often a bump skull shape is ovoid.     on the very back.   postcranial features long arms and probably Slightly different proportion smaller hole in vertebrae    short legs relative to  from modern human. Rib  for spinal cord, pssibly 
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Unformatted text preview: modern human, curved cage less cylindrical. Dense nerve signal traffic. fingers and toes. bones homo habilis homo ergaster homo sapiens 2.4-1.6 million years ago 1.9-1.5 million years ago 200,000-present East Africa Africa everywhere 650cc 700-900cc 1350cc 40-50kg 6ft 2.4 (estimated) like us open habitats warm eveywhere(not antarctica) large thick boned face thin skull bones and lack round head with a higher round brain case, large of an obvious supraorbital forehead, flattened face, incisors and canines. sulcus. Protrusive face reduced brow ridges. and lower forehead. prominent chin. very short stature with formerly classed with taller but much less robust arm length almost equal homo erectus. Some still than earlier homo forms. to leg length. prefer that classification....
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hominid comparison (MMW1) - modern human curved cage less...

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