LS2 Lab 1

LS2 Lab 1 - State of Exhaustion and Alertness Affecting...

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State of Exhaustion and Alertness Affecting Word Memory Introduction The Memory Interference Test (MIT) is a computer program designed to asses the affect of an assortment of variables on short-term memory. The program utilizes specific demographic variables to test to find correlations between state of mind, the subject’s background, including age, race and first language, to his/her short-term memory capabilities. In addition to testing the subject’s ability to memorize dependent upon above-mentioned variables, the test allows for fur- ther speculation and study of specific short-term memory. This includes picture memory, word memory, along with audio memory. The method in which the MIT can measure the subject’s memory is through correct number of responses and average response time. My particular study was conducted to determine if taking the Word Memory Interference Test (WMIT) would produce different results between students who reported their state as ex- hausted and those who reported themselves as alert. I hypothesize that the subjects that selected exhausted as their state will have less correct answers and slower response times than those of whom reported to be alert because their alertness should contribute to a better short-term memory. Through the use of the subjects’ T-test, a p-value was calculated to determine if differ-
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LS2 Lab 1 - State of Exhaustion and Alertness Affecting...

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