ENV221-Lecture 4 - ENV221 Fall Semester 2010 Sept 28th...

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ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Sept. 28 th Lecture #4: ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY 1. Government = the state and its administration What does the Canadian government try to do? Why do we need one? Goals: peace, order and good government Policy = formal set of plans and principles intended to address problems and guide decision making - Why is there a n ecessity to have policy? For so m e the b asic rules might b e natural, not for others: n ecessity to have the sa m e rules for everyone - Who d ecides for thes e rules? Govern m ent - Public policy consists of: o Laws: m aintain p e ace a nd order o Regulations o Orders o Incentives o Practices They are all d esigned to promote societal welfare How do things happ en? How do policies arise? What m ake things h app en?: “the 3 I” - Whose interest is represented? - What institution will get involved? - Whose ideas are behind these policies? 2. Evolution of environment movement and policy Before there were no problems so no policies; policy evolved with social an economic conditions: - 1780s – late 1800s: kind of policy designed to promote the settle m ent of the population a nd to tak a dvantag e of the rich resources of North America - Late 1800s: m ore a nd m ore p eople s ettled (westward migration) Govern m ent h ad to m ake so m e rules to regulate resources us e a nd mitigate so m e of the e nviron m ental impact of m a ssive immigration Emergence of cons ervation and preservation ethics: est ablish m ent of the National Parks syste m in Canad a and US, with the very first national park of Canada, Banff Park - Early 20 th century: the Dust Bowl (1930s) Economic recession in US + dry conditions + poor management conditions in farms: big dirt storms came and devastated
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ENV221-Lecture 4 - ENV221 Fall Semester 2010 Sept 28th...

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