ENV221-Lecture 6 - ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Oct. 5th...

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ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Oct. 5 th Lecture #6: ENERGY (2) 1. Fossil fuels Oil - Issues with oil use o High sulfur level o Potential air and water pollution due to processing activities o Oil spills o Peak oil - Concept of peak oil o M. King Hubbert, Shell geologist, found out that there would be a pe ak in US oil production in th We already passed the peak and the oil production is now declining o More recently scientists predicted that global oil production will pe ak in the coming decade There m ay be other deposits we are not able to find yet, ex: glaciers are m elting up with climate c potential for new discovery of oil and gas Som e of the deposits were very hard to extract in the past and it is e asier now, we m ay experienc in the future and find it e asier to extract som e sources with new technologies - Oil shales and tar sands o Positive Could potentially double the total reserve of oil o Negative: estimation of total oil supply usually do not reflect a large potential Shale = stratu m between which oil goes: not a big deposit + can find shale without oil Oil rapped up with sand, unconventional oil sources Not e asy to extract, need specific process using stea m: very expensive EROI is so high that they proposed to build nuclear supply for processing Severe environm ent al costs Toxic sludge production, m ud, problem in discarding it Water use o Tar sand in Alberta Largest tar sand deposit in the world Big impacts form extraction: landscape change
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ENV221-Lecture 6 - ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Oct. 5th...

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