ENV221-Lecture 7 - ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Oct. 7th...

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ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Oct. 7 th Lecture #7: FUTURE ENERGIES 1. Conditions Industrial revolution - Identified with progress - Increasing e n ergy consu mption - Increasing econo my - Increasing prosperity Pb: lifestyle bas ed on av ailability of unlimited and inexpensive source of e n ergy - Increas ed e mission of CO2 Rarefaction of en ergy, we are now aware of the impact on environ m e nt Impact of growing d e m a nd of en ergy - Environ m ent al o Energy d evelop m e nt a nd use accounts for over 80% of GHG e missions in Canad a a s well as s mog pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide o Pollution + he alth proble ms - Energy s ecurity o Reliable: users are a ble to access the en ergy s ervices they require, when they require o Resilience: a bility of the syste m to cope with shocks a nd chang e - Econo mic and social o Rising en ergy d e m a nd coupled with price increas es over the last d ecad e puts pressure Consu m ers, esp ecially low incom e Canadians Som e m a nufacturers Com munities where en ergy projects are b eing und ertaken Rising concern about e nvironm ent al cost Hard vs. soft en ergy p ath - Hard path o Econo mic growth = priority o Centralized en ergy production o Focus on increasing en ergy supply, not on reducing the d e m a nd Fossil fuels and nuclear - Soft p ath o Different kind of econo my ne ed ed o Much s m aller scale of production (decentralized) o Try to ask people to reduce their de m and o Efficiency through conservation Swift to n ew renewable sources: wind, solar, geoth erm al 2. Energy transition Period in which we switch from one predo minant e n ergy source to another How can our relationship to en ergy chang e? - OPEC oil crisis in 1973 o OPEC countries upset by US policies Decided to stop supplying US with oil Shortcut Oil prices increas ed Chang ed b eh avior of Americans: ex, in the 70’s cars were downsized
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ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Oct. 7 th - More recent oil price fluctuation o 2, 3 years ago o Small cars again very popular - Phase of incandescent light bulbs o 95% of energy consumed turns into heat, only 5% into light
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ENV221-Lecture 7 - ENV221, Fall Semester 2010 Oct. 7th...

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