Anesthesiology is all about chemistry

Anesthesiology is all about chemistry - Anesthesiology is...

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Anesthesiology is all about chemistry. An anesthesiologist uses precise amounts of poisonous chemicals to render a patient unconscious during an operation and then monitors the patient's vital signs during the operation, constantly adjusting various chemicals to keep the patient unconscious without killing him. The vital signs can all be traced back to chemical processes occurring in the patient's body. When the operation is over, the anesthesiologist then removes the poisonous chemicals from the patient's body and revives the patient. Failure to understand the chemistry behind the process can result in the death or severe injury to the patient. In order to become an anesthesiologist, one must know a great deal about pharmacology. One cannot be proficient in pharmacology without a firm foundation in chemistry. Anesthesiologists are perioperative physicians ("peri-" meaning "all-around") who provide medical care to patients before, during, and after surgical procedures. Anesthesiologists are responsible for delivering (or ensuring the delivery of) anesthesia safely to patients in virtually all health care settings, including all major R medical and tertiary care facilities. This includes a preoperative medical evaluation of each patient before surgery , consultation with the surgical team, creating a plan for the anesthesia tailored to each individual patient, airway management, intraoperative life support and provision of pain control, intraoperative diagnostic stabilization, and proper post-operative management of patients. Preparation of patients for emergency surgery are mandatory, essential, and critical skills that anesthesiologists have
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Anesthesiology is all about chemistry - Anesthesiology is...

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