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Expos Assignment 1

Expos Assignment 1 - Hipen Shah Expository Writing I...

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Hipen Shah Expository Writing I 9/13/2010 Professor Nielsen Assignment 1 “The Power of Context is an environmental argument . It says that the behavior is a function of social context. But it is a very strange kind of environmentalism. In the 1960s, liberals made a similar argument, but when they talked about the importance of environment they were talking about the importance of fundamental social factors: crime, they said, was the result of social injustice, of structural economic inequities, of unemployment, of racism, of decades of institutional and social neglect, so that if you wanted to stop crime, you had to undertake some fairly heroic steps. But the Power of Context says that what really matters is little things” (242). This passage is very interesting because what Gladwell is trying to find out is the reason why Bernie Goetz killed the four kids. The four young men were only asking Goetz for five dollars and it lead to the death of four kids. According to Gladwell, you have to look at the smaller picture in order to fix the big problems .
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