Paper 1 Final - Shah 1 Hipen Shah Ezra Nielson 9/27/2010...

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Shah 1 Hipen Shah Ezra Nielson 9/27/2010 Paper 1 Final Draft Control of Environment One desire that many people wish to seek is control to be part in their everyday lives . Everyday people of the society follow a habitual routine which usually is eat , work, sleep, and wake . These routines eventually become a part of our lives where we cannot change this routine. It is a fixed routine that almost everybody goes through . We are so adapted to these simple everyday routines that it is not until there is a change in the status quo that people become aware of their habits . In Malcolm Gladwell’s essay, “The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime ,” Gladwell bases his essay off the idea called the Power of Context , which is in essence speaking of how people will make decisions off the context of their situation . Bernie Goetz is a prime example of how the environment had seduced his mind to kill the four boys on the train . Before Goetz boarded the train, “he waited on a dimly lit platform surrounded on all sides by dark , damp, graffiti-covered walls” (Gladwell 236). The environment in which he already began feel was very awful and sad . It did not have a pleasant mood in which
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Shah 2 lead to the death of the four young boys . We can take control of our lives until the situation has changed where people can’t control themselves because of the change environment . People who can easily take control can easily lose control due to the changes in the environment . According to the Good Samaritan experiment presented by Gladwell, it states that “the convictions of you heart and the actual contents of your thoughts are less important , in the end , in guiding your actions than the immediate context of your behavior” (Gladwell 247). A Samaritan was told that he would be late to make his speech to a religious calling . Because of the pressure that was placed upon the Samaritan due to the environment , his intentions were put away because of the surroundings he was exposed to . Toward the end, the situation had changed because the environment had changed
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Paper 1 Final - Shah 1 Hipen Shah Ezra Nielson 9/27/2010...

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