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WPC 301

WPC 301 - WPC 301 Business Forum(June 2nd Class#1 Workbook...

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WPC 301: Business Forum (June 2 nd - Class #1) Workbook is due July 1 st @ 4 PM. Final is cumulative, multiple choice, and T/F on July 1 st @ 4 PM. Test= 20 points Workbook= 40 points Final= 30 points Pretest= 10 points Book: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi with Tahl Raz Notes: will be your responsibility to print notes and bring them to class. applied strategic thinking strategic: doing things on purpose “tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”- sun tzu design: applying successful solutions from one problem to help solve a problem the only competitive advantage you have now is design systems theory: 1. my current state: student 2. my future state: occupation (what I physically do to earn money)/industry (what you’re passionate about) 3. this change of state must take effect on: graduation components: a mental toolset that combines the following characteristics -practical -personal: needs to be something you value highly -simple -future focused: oriented towards the future, not the past -aligned -emerging: be flexible tactics check list: define objective, define environment, identify targets, analyze targets, define multiple scenarios, evaluate scenarios for action, evaluate results as ROI, measure results, develop ground rules, create measurables, overcome resistance to change, engage in high probability activities, repeat essential questions: why am I doing this? who stands to gain/lose? how will my role change in the future? what skills are required now? etc. strategic operators: what or how can I create value? -prepare, anticipate, discover (student groups), improve (presentations, public speaking), refine, innovate, initiate (start now), expedite, streamline, react (be aware of global market), preempt dashboard gauges: what or how can I prepare? audiences, relationships, your product attributes, resources, processes (strategy), internal audiences action required: prepare then act… -accelerate under control -incremental action
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-overcome awfullizing (do I really care) -be a professional -build support (build network to build net worth) -respond to clues (be aware of current trends) -measurable commitment in writing (putting ideas on paper) (June 7 th - Class #2) scenario development and verification scenario: creative alternative stories about the future based on research ( important questions: what is the best scenario? what is the worst scenario? if you could look back two years, what would have been a useful scenario then? what are the most important decisions you are facing now? what constraints do you feel in making these decisions? happy formula: do what makes you happy, then you’re going to be come better at it as a skill need for verification: telling a story… -hard to do without basic knowledge -informational hunting and gathering measurements: analytics: what do you need to know parameters: what are the boundaries for good/bad metrics: what you can measure
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WPC 301 - WPC 301 Business Forum(June 2nd Class#1 Workbook...

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