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psy practice exam 2 - The two main divisions of the nervous...

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The two main divisions of the nervous system are the . .. a) voluntary and somatic. b) central and peripheral. c) peripheral and enteric. d) central and parasypamthetic. e) military and paramilitary 2. The _________ nervous system is divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. a) dendritic b) central c) autonomic d) voluntary e) dorsal 3. Which branch of the nervous system is most active when you are in a fight? a) low-hanging b) sympathetic c) parasympathetic d) autonomic e) Marines 4. The fluid filled spaces in the brain are called . .. a) buffer zones. b) Carlsbad Caverns. c) ventricles. d) the medulla oblongata. e) foyers. 5 The limbic system function is . .. a) emotion and motivation. b) tree-climbing. c) executing motor commands. d) analyzing sensory impulses. e) money-making.
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6. The thalamus relays information to the brain cortex about . .. a) smells. b) 4 out of 5 sensory modalities. c) twice a day. d) ventral nerves. e) the "Resistance." 7. Information from terminal buton of one neuron is communicated to a second neuron through the __________ of the second neuron. a) dendrites (receiving antenna) b) axon c) grapevine d) myelin e) graciousness 8. The chemical released by a presynaptic neuron into the synapse is called a . .. a) glial chemical. b) neurotransmitter. c) receptor chemical. d) synaptic vesicle. e) gas. Nerve gas, get it? IT"S A JOKE! 9. Most of the cells in the central nervous system are . .. a) neurons. b) bored stiff. c) autonomic. d) glial cells of one sort or another.
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psy practice exam 2 - The two main divisions of the nervous...

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