BA 303 02.02.09

BA 303 02.02.09 - Consumer Behavior Culture Factors • Ex...

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BA 303 02.02.09 Quote of the Day “Advertisers have to strike a delicate balance this year. They need to recognize the environment we’re in so they don’t want to appear too flip…” Contact Methods: Interview Ex) Coach Stalkers Survey Research Best for gathering Descriptive Info Contact Methods: Phone PROS Can contact a lot of people rapidly with automated systems CONS Interview Effects: Doesn’t sound too friendly so don’t want to offend the person, so use a third party Contact Methods: Mail/Email PROS Cheaper Less Bias since won’t offend anyone to their face CONS Response Rates are really low Not as effective since product is not within vicinity Online Marketing Research PROS Least Expensive Quick to process CONS Identity becomes a problem (Identity Theft) Experimental Research Best for Causal
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Test Markets Worst because of subcultures Need to have balance in types of people in order to Best
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Unformatted text preview: Consumer Behavior Culture Factors • Ex) Green Movement • Subculture: Ex) Male/Female, Generational, Ethnic • Social Classes • Budweiser Commercial: Showed American elements such as competition, tradition, etc • Bud Light Commercial: Aimed at the Male Subculture, Manlihood. Also aims at the social class with the wine and cheese theme. Ethnic Subcultures • Hispanics: Ex) Home Depot came up with paint colors that are targeted at the Hispanic culture such as Juicy mango, etc. • African Americans: Ex) Queen Latifah’s Covergirl Line • Asian Americans Social Factors • “disassociative” • Aspirational Ex) Lexus Self-parking Ad • Dissassociative Ex) The Luxury Car for people who can’t park themselves (Parody on Lexus Ad) • Role: Pepsi Max Ad for MEN...
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BA 303 02.02.09 - Consumer Behavior Culture Factors • Ex...

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