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FINAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Copyright © Chris Doran 2009-10 APPLIED•STRATEGIC• THINKING MEMO Write a memo to your boss, recommending NEW action that the organisation should take. “New action” means something that the organisation is not doing at the moment. Back it up with a clear rationale, incorporating a strategic argument that if this action is successful how it could lead to a new strategic direction in 3-5 years. Show that you have thought through and resolved any implementation issues. Quantify wherever you can. APPENDIX Combine all the insights that you have had about your company into one document. Revisit them all on the basis of your peer and professor feedback so that they can be as good as you can make them. 1) Current Position Quick description of current business (products and services, customers and segments, markets) Purpose of the organisation Current driving force Customer jobs Value proposition
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Unformatted text preview: Competitive position (strengths and weaknesses) Current battlefields Key assumptions to challenge 2) Possible Futures Assumptions on future business environment (Trends, Bets, Inflections) 3 Alternative strategies: o Future Driving Force o Future Core competences o Future Value Proposition o Future battlefield (attacks and defends) o Key assumptions underlying this alternative o What action would you take to test these assumptions? o How would you align the organisation behind this strategy? o What would be your top strategic initiatives? 3) Conclusion Evaluating these alternatives What immediate action would you take? A powerpoint template is reluctantly provided to get you off to a fast start. Please do not just fill it in – it is just a guide, and is no substitute for thought. Feel free to in hand in this appendix in any format you want that reflects your business and your strategic insights....
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