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CASE ASSIGNMENT Copyright © Chris Doran 2009-10 APPLIED •STRATEGIC• THINKING SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: CREATING THE FUTURE STRATEGIC ANALYSIS How did Southwest‟s strategic challenges change as they grew? Plot the value propositions of Southwest and a traditional competitor. How was Southwest Airlines value proposition to customers different? Would it suit every customer segment? Why did Southwest walk away from profitable business? How was Southwest‟s operating model designed to deliver this differentiation? What are their core competences? Plot the factors using the Resource-Process-Value framework. How would you characterise Southwest‟s culture and values? How did its culture support its strategy? What is more important to Southwest – the „hard‟ advantages e.g. standardised fleets or the „soft‟ advantages e.g. motivated employees? How did Herb‟s leadership style reinforce its culture? What were his leadership weaknesses? How did he overcome them? Can a successor replicate
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Unformatted text preview: Herb‟s distinctive leadership style? What do you think SouthWest‟s “driving force” is? What is their purpose? [research this online] Do Southwest need to change their strategy and their values to keep up in today‟s aviation market? Southwest bid for Frontier Airlines (Denver based) in July 2009. How do acquisitions fit their strategy? LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Apply strategic frameworks/concepts: Value Proposition Driving Force/Purpose Resource-Process-Values Operational capabilities and policies delivering competitive advantage Company culture and values delivering competitive advantage Understand how a strategy fits together: Strategy Triangle Choice of what Products to offer and what Customers/Markets to serve Choice of Value Proposition Choice of Resources-Core Capabilities (processes)-Values Choice or Driving Force and Purpose Introduce thinking about the link between strategy and leadership...
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