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CASE ASSIGNMENT Copyright © Chris Doran 2009-10 APPLIED•STRATEGIC• THINKING LA TIMES Read the case and the collection of articles on the newspaper industry What would you do if you were the boss of the LA Times? USE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS TO PROMPT YOUR THINKING: What is the historical business model of the newspaper industry? What assumptions about their business served the industry well in the past, but are now holding them back? What different customer segments exist? Do all readers buy the newspaper for the same reason? Pick the 5 main reasons readers buy a paper. What alternative ways are there for readers to satisfy these reasons? How is the offer of competitors changing vs the newspaper offer for these reasons?
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Unformatted text preview: What has changed in the newspaper industry? What are the major trends in the news industry? o Reader needs o Advertiser needs o Channels o Competition o Technology What possible future scenarios do you see? Who will be the winners? Who will be the losers? What strengths do LA Times possess? Who might be the future competitors for the LA Times? What different possible business models could they adopt? Why would they be successful at these? LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Apply strategic frameworks/concepts: Trends, bets, inflections Customer jobs Scenarios Business models Practice answering “what is the likely future of this industry”?...
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