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Assignment Wumart - AST 1 - How can Wumart exploit these...

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CASE ASSIGNMENT Copyright © Chris Doran 2009-10 APPLIED•STRATEGIC• THINKING WUMART: COMPETITIVE STRATEGY “You are the CEO of Wumart. How will you win against incoming multinationals?” USE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS TO PROMPT YOUR THINKING How do you think retailing will look like in China in 20 years time? Who will be the winners? How many separate battlefields are there? Which ones do you think favour Wumart? What are the differences (asymmetries) between Wumart and multinationals?
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Unformatted text preview: How can Wumart exploit these differences through o Strategy o Tactics? What about Wumart vs local Chinese retailers? LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Apply strategic frameworks/concepts: Identifying different battlefields Principles of competitive strategy Practice answering “what is the likely future of this industry”? Explore how a local company can beat multinationals in China...
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