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Assignment Wumart- - Which fit it best What are the key assumptions that would make this strategy work How would you test them Which alternatives

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CASE ASSIGNMENT Copyright © Chris Doran 2009-10 APPLIED•STRATEGIC• THINKING WUMART: ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES “You are the CEO of Wumart. What first steps towards a winning strategy would you launch? DEVELOPING ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES What is Wumart’s driving force today? What are possible alternative driving forces? Pick 3 different driving forces. For each of them, draw out the strategic triangle for wumart in 10 years time if it pursues this driving force. What new markets, products and customers will it be serving? Where will the growth come from? What will be its value proposition? Who will be the main competitions? What will its core competences be? What would its values and culture be? EVALUATING ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES Evaluate each of these strategies against the future business environment.
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Unformatted text preview: Which fit it best? What are the key assumptions that would make this strategy work? How would you test them? Which alternatives do you think Wumart could win? On which of these strategies are they already ahead of all competitors? Will they be able to build this strategy faster than any other competitor? Which would be the easiest to implement, fitting their current assumptions and values? Overall, which would you pursue? What first step would you recommend to get the ‘flywheel’ of results moving? LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Apply strategic frameworks/concepts: Develop radically alternative strategies from different driving forces Evaluate alternative strategies Develop practical first-steps in a broad strategic direction...
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