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Handout #9 CS 106A June 24, 2009 Physical Karel Today in class you’ll be getting a special treat. Your very own Karel. Please hold back your tears of joy until class is over. This Karel is completely free, but it will be the only one you get. The little legs are strong, but are prone to break. Although we have you use computers, and most of your work will be on them, for some of you, I think working it out on paper using the physical Karel would be great. Every time you write down some code, you make that
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Unformatted text preview: corresponding change using the physical Karel. Yes it’s more work, but could help you debug and understand code and help in the long run, if you have the Karel move along as you go through the program. We’ve included some drawn out empty worlds to help you get started moving Karel around. Feel free to draw walls and such, and just place Karel where you want Karel to start. Since this is completely experimental, we might ask you some questions about it later on....
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