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Handout #23 CS106A July 9, 2009 Practice Midterm Examination Midterm exams: Wednesday, July 15, 11:00A.M.–12:10 P . M ., Location: 420-040 (Room 040 is in the basement of the Psychology Building-420, Main Quad) This handout is intended to give you practice solving problems that are comparable in format and difficulty to those which will appear on the midterm examination this Wednesday. A solution set to this practice examination will be distributed on Tuesday. Time and place of the exam The midterm exam is scheduled at the time and place above. If there are any special concerns please send an e-mail message to [email protected] Coverage The exam covers the material presented in class through around Monday, July 13, which means that you are responsible for the Karel material plus the chapters of the Art and Science of Java outlined in the course calendar that we asked you to read, Except for most of Chapter 8. Because you have not had experience writing programs using the String class, you won’t be asked to generate any strings. The only operator we expect for you guys to know is how to use the + operator when working with strings. Note: To conserve trees, I have cut back on answer space for the practice midterm. The actual exam will have much more room for your answers and for any scratch work. Also note, the practice exam we have given below is for 85 minutes. We are aware that the exam you will be taking will be for 70 minutes, not 85 minutes, so your actual exam will be budgeted accordingly. Please remember that the midterm is open-book.
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– 2 – General instructions Answer each of the five questions included in the exam. Write all of your answers directly on the examination paper, including any work that you wish to be considered for partial credit. Each question is marked with the number of points assigned to that problem. The total number of points is 60. We intend for the number of points to be roughly comparable to the number of minutes you should spend on that problem. This leaves you with an additional hour to check your work or recover from false starts. In all questions, you may include methods or definitions that have been developed in the
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23-practice-midterm - CS106A Handout#23 July 9 2009...

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