32-section-5 - Sample thesaurus.txt The file that youll...

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Handout #32 CS 106A July 28, 2009 Section Handout #5 HashMaps 1. Using Maps During lecture this week, we talked about the special data structure known as the Map. Discuss how you could use a Map in the following problems: Keeping track of email addresses (linking a person to his/her email address) Maintaining Facebook profiles (to look up using the person’s name) How would you use a Map for these problems? (These are slightly more complicated.) Holding students’ study lists (to lookup using a student’s name) Figuring out which Marguerite lines serve a particular bus stop 2. Synonyms Write a simple program that reads in a file with synonyms, and then allows the user to look up synonyms for words of their choice. A sample run of the program follows (on the left):
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Unformatted text preview: Sample thesaurus.txt The file that youll read in is called thesaurus.txt . It is formatted with a single word on each line, as in the example to the top-right. Each pair of words represents a pair of synonyms; for example: Skinny is a synonym of Thin Dent is a synonym of Chip 2 Student is a synonym of Pupil If time permits: your solution to number 4 is likely case-sensitive that is, the program treats the words Funny and funny as different words. This has a profound impact, as looking up one string results in a successful lookup, while the other one fails which, at the very least, would be very counter-intuitive (and annoying) to the user. How would you insulate your program from this issue, and make it case-insensitive ?...
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32-section-5 - Sample thesaurus.txt The file that youll...

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