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ReviewQuestionsWeek9 - objects Explain with the aid of a...

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1 BIPN 142 Review Questions - Week 9 (by Jannon Fuchs, to accompany Neuroscience , Purves et al ., Fourth Edition, Sinauer) Chapter 27: Speech and Language 1. Compare the language functions of the right and left hemispheres. What techniques have been used to investigate cerebral lateralization (hemispheric specialization)? 2. Where is Broca’s area? Wernicke’s area? Compare Wernicke’s aphasia and Broca’s aphasia. What can the variety of aphasias tell us about the neural basis of language? 3. What similarities between sign language and spoken language suggest that they have common neural substrates? 4. What is the relationship between handedness, lateralization of language, and anatomical hemispheric asymmetry? 5. If a split-brain patient is briefly shown a pencil in her left visual field, will she be able to describe the pencil? Which hand would she use to select the pencil by feel from a set of test
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Unformatted text preview: objects? Explain with the aid of a diagram. Chapter 28: Sleep and Wakefulness 1. Describe the stages of the sleep cycle. What can be said about the purpose of REM sleep? 2. What is the purpose of sleep? What happens to a rat if it is deprived of sleep for a few weeks? Does this add to our knowledge of why animals sleep? 3. What gives rise to the EEG? Distinguish between alpha, beta, delta, and PGO waves. Which represents greater synchrony of neural activity, alpha or delta waves? 4. What brainstem or hypothalamic regions control wakefulness and sleep by modulating thalamocortical activity? 5. What evidence shows that circadian rhythmicity is endogenous? Explain why the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is considered to be the master circadian clock....
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