15. body fluids

15. body fluids - ii Good mixing/distribution iii No...

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15. Body Fluids I. Compartments a. Intercelluar fluid- in cells (ICF b. Extracelluar fluid- out of cell (ECF) i. Interstitial tissue- between cells ii. Plasma- water in blood c. Exchange from plasma to interstitial- seconds to minutes d. Exchange from interstitial to intercellular- minutes- hours e. ICF reservoir of water- 55% of total body water f. Decrease BP and increase [osm]- increase ICF (water) blood g. Cant draw out too much H2O cuz cells need to function II. Measuring volumes a. Volume of distribution i. # of particles added/measured concentration b. ideal markers i. Enters target compartment
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Good mixing/distribution iii. No exretion/metabolism c. Plasma volume i. Use radioactive albumin- evan’s blue ii. This marker stays in the plasm d. Interstitial volume i. Extracelluar- plasma volume= interstitial volume ii. Use Raffinose, mannitol- distribution to both plasma/interstitial tissue 1. Does not enter cells 2. Measures extracelluar fluid e. Intercelluar volume i. Drink lots of water- goes everywhere ii. Total volume- extracelluar= intercellular volume f. Need to know volume distribution...
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