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PHYS 4260 Statistical Mechanics [Week 1, 6-10 September 2010] (Sample Question SQ1) There WILL BE exercise classes on 8 Sept (Wednesday) 2010 and 9 Sept (Thursday) 2010 in Week 1 of classes. The TA will do the SAME THING in the two sessions. You SHOULD make an effort to attend at least one of the two sessions. The TA will “review” some basic ideas on how to count. The results will be used repeatedly in our course. It will help you learn if you think about the following questions (work them out if possible) before going to the exercise class for discussions. 1. How many ways can you arrange 3 distinguishable objects (e.g. put them in a certain order)? [E.g., green, red, blue balls] 2. How many ways can you arrange N distinguishable objects? 3. There are 5 distinguishable balls (e.g., green, red, blue, yellow, white). We want to put 3 of them in one box and 2 in another box. How many different ways can this partition be done? 4.
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