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Physics 2002 STOT 1. One inole of iu1.y gas at room temperature ;and atlllosphe~ic pressure (10"ynes/cln2) is found experimentally to occupy a volu~ne of approxinlately 24 liters (it., 24 x 10' cm3). Use this result to estlmate the value of kT at roolll temperatu~-e. Express ytur answer in ergs and also in electroll volts. (1 electro~l volt = 1.60 x lo-" ers.) 2. A bimetallic strip of total thickness x is straight at temperature T. What is the radius of curvature of the stiip, R, when it is heated to tenlperature T
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Unformatted text preview: + AT ? The coefficients of linear expansion of the two nletals are eel and u2, respectively. with a 2 > a,. You lnay assume that each metal has thickness x/2, and you may assume that x << R. 3. Consider a container of volume V which colltains a gas consisting ofN1 molecules of' one type 2nd N2 ~nolecules of another type. (For example, these might be 0 2 and N2 molecules.) Assuming that the gas is sufiiciently dilute to be ideal, what is the pressure of this gas if its absolute temperature is T?...
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