Intro to Sociology

Intro to Sociology - learn as adults • Each Society has...

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Culture can be subdivided into 2 major segments: 1. Material Culture: This includes tangible artifacts, physical objects, and items that are found in society. Consists of the physical objects used by people to accomplish goals, such as the tools and machinery used in construction, or the computers and calculators used to analyze mathematical problems. 2. Nonmaterial Culture: This includes a society’s intangible and abstract components such as values, beliefs, and traditions. Also consists of art, language worldviews, and other symbolic representations of the social and physical world. (ie), fairy tales we learn as children, complex legal codes, music, and ideas we
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Unformatted text preview: learn as adults. • Each Society has its own set of values and norms. Values Values – Are cultural ideals or preferences about what is considered moral and immoral, good or bad, proper or improper, or desirable or undesirable. • These values influence behavior, emotion and thought. Values serve as standards for social life. Study done by Robin Williams: Values people in the U.S. feel are important. 1. Personal achievement (rags to riches) 2. activity and work 3. material comfort (obtain a desired lifestyle 4. Morality 5. Humanitarianism (concern for the welfare of others) 6. individuality 7. conformity...
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