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Critically Thinking Chapter 9 - others don’t have. It is...

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Michael Samuels 11/26/07 Sociology 001 Critically Thinking Chapter 9 1. Slavery – A system where one group owns another Caste – People are born into a certain level of society Estate – Three level exist, where one is lesser than the other two, it is very hard but possible to move Class- Based on money; if you can get money you can move up in class 2. People will always compete against each other, to seek more than others or what
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Unformatted text preview: others don’t have. It is human nature to compete, and this is obvious since no pure communist society has ever lasted, nor really ever existed in its full 3. Clearly opportunity, it benefits both parties. Gives jobs to people in countries who may not have a job otherwise, and is the best thing for the economy of the multination corporations in sophisticated countries....
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