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Race – Defined as a category of people who are believed to have significant biological differences that are believed to affect their character and ability to function in society Racial Group – Is a social group that persons inside or outside the group have decided is important to single out as inferior or superior, typically on the basis of real or alleged physical characteristics subjectively selected. Ethnic Group – A category of people who are seen by themselves and others as sharing a distinct subculture, somewhat different from the culture of the dominant group. Minority Group – Whether racial or ethnic, is defined above all by its lack of power – economic power, political power, or simply the power to define what it means to be a member of the group. Differential and unequal treatment and whore members become objects of discrimination. Prejudice – Is literally, a pre-judgment. Prejudice is defined as a negative attitude toward an entire category of people. Based upon a faulty generalization and directed
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