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Thinking Critically Chapter 1 - and tasks form community....

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Michael Samuels 9/5/07 Sociology 001 Critical Thinking Chapter 1 1. Do you think that sociologists should try to reform society or to study it dispassionately? I believe that sociologists should study sociology dispassionately. It is not the sociologist’s position to reform society, when their job is to study and explain it. It is up to others to use the information sociologists provide when understanding ones society/community/neighborhood/etc. It is one of many tools used in understand human culture. If they began trying to reform society they will be going away from the fundamental part of their job, which is explaining society’s interactions. 2. Of the three theoretical perspectives, which one would you like to use if you were a sociologist? Why? If I was a sociologist I would use the functional analysis perspective. To me the theory makes most sense because it describes what happens naturally in society. Everyone has a certain place in society, and put together, those people with those jobs
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Unformatted text preview: and tasks form community. All these interrelated parts work together. Yes there must be a form of Darwinism because not everyone can be president or a partner in a law firm, there are check and balances but eventually everyone fits into their mold, and make society how it is. 3. Considering the Macro- and Micro- level approaches in sociology, which one do you think better explains social life? Why? I think the macro level better explains social life because like what was said in the book, situations such as homelessness is better explained on the macro level, employment rates, geographical locations of the homeless and other such things truly show the fundamental trends of why there is as much homelessness in our community as there is. This is true to explain all sorts of things, such as crime, which uses race, economic status, and education as macro levels to explain crime rates....
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