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Michael Samuels9/10/07Sociology 001Critically ThinkingChapter 21.Do you favor ethnocentrism or cultural relativism? Explain your position.
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2.Do you think that the language change in Miami, Florida, (Discussed on page45) is an indicator of the future of the United States of America? Why orWhy Not?
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Unformatted text preview: I feel there are strong positions towards teaching every person in the US English. The location of Miami, and the Cuban influence and crisis has a lot to do with their transformation of language. 3. Are you a member of any subcultures? Which one(s)? Why do you think that your group is a subculture? What is your group’s relationship with mainstream culture? I am a part of the Greek Life subculture by being a brother in a fraternity. This is clearly a subculture because it is a culture bonded behind the same ideas within the culture of society. Fraternities have their own tradition, rituals, friends, things in common apart from daily ordinary life. The Greek subculture’s relationship with mainstream culture is pretty tight nit. We work within mainstream culture, yes some people stereotype but most accept Greek Life for its positives, even they are not involved. We fit right in with what is going on around us. There are social gatherings in mainstream life they Greek members participate in and there are social gatherings that only Greeks attend....
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