Thinking Critically Chapter 3

Thinking Critically Chapter 3 - male thing Also on the flip...

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Michael Samuels 9/17/07 Sociology 001 Thinking Critically Chapter 3 1. The family and my peers groups are clearly the two agents that have affected me the most in my life. Mainly my beliefs and values are the two orientations that have seen the most affect, and would not be the same without these two agents. My political and religious views come mainly from my parents, granted I have used their own ideals as merely foundations for exploring my own true beliefs, but the roots are very much still there. My friends (my peers) and I have grown up together and subsequently learned about life and molded each other as people throughout our lives. Without them I would not be the person I am today. 2. In my opinion gender socialization is vastly different now than it was years ago. No longer are females told they have to grow up and care for the house and only the house. Now the amount of professional women in the workplace is ever growing. Even the amount of sports fanatic girls is growing; sport is no longer a
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Unformatted text preview: male thing. Also on the flip side of things, guys are expected to care for the home the same as females are. This is my personal opinion not necessarily the opinion of others or even the majority. Honestly, my opinion is the opinion I think the majority of the world should have. I guess the reason for my views is having divorced parents and seeing my mom care for me the same way my dad cared for me. Both worked, cared for me, and watched sports with me the same as the other. 3. I am currently in the Transitional Adulthood stage. The definition in the text is one hard to disagree with. I am living an adult life with the help mostly of my parent’s financial backing. The only part I would most likely disagree with is that after undergraduate college I will not go back home and begin living my life on my own nickel. That was instilled in my head at an early age, that at the point of graduation you have to start taking care of yourself....
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Thinking Critically Chapter 3 - male thing Also on the flip...

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