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Thinking Critically Chapter 4

Thinking Critically Chapter 4 - sitcom that could possibly...

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Michael Samuels 10/3/07 Critically Thinking Chapter 4 Sociology 001 1. I believe there are many areas of social structure that contribute to the low college graduation rate of Native American Indians. Many of the roles Native Americans take in society happen on their reservation, presumably, their families are there, and their home is there, there are many aspects that keep their lives close to home. All the culture they are used to can only be found there and it hard to find elsewhere. I think there is a certain level of comfort ability at the reservation. This to me is a reason why many may not graduate college; they may feel home sick, apart from their families or any such thing. Any of these things could contribute to the lower percentage. 2. Sitting at the dinner table when my grandfather was alive, with him and my father telling funny stories, jokes, and just laughing up a storm. It reminds me of a
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Unformatted text preview: sitcom that could possibly be on TV. We are three characters of this show interacting, in an almost Seinfeld like situation. There really was never a rhyme or reason for things we were talking about, but there is never a dull moment and the constant bickering seemed like a staged theatric comedy. 3. My life was very similar from the example used in the book. In high school I was in all honors/AP classes, all the “cool” kids in high school thought I was just another honors kid, but those who I was close to, many of which who went to other schools, knew I wasn’t that typical goody goody kid. I went out every night, never studied, did all the things the “cool” kids did, just with people from other schools. I continued my honors kid path, went to college, but here at college I still do what I did in high school, except now I’ve lost the goody goody image, thankfully....
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