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Michael Samuels 10/11/07 Sociology 001 Critically Thinking Chapter 5 1. Why do we need sociological research? According to the book “We need research to test commonsense ideas, because not all such idea is true.” This explains why people believe certain things are commonsensical yet don’t follow those beliefs. Sociological research is needed to understand why we disregard those common sense things, or purposefully wrong ideas. 2. What factors make for bad sociological research? How can these be avoided? There are 6 factors that can make up bad sociological research, they include: choosing a biased sample, asking biased questions, list biased choices, discarding
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Unformatted text preview: undesirable results, misunderstand the subjects’ world, and analyzing the data incorrectly. They factors can be avoided by planning and structuring your research very carefully, fairly, and objectively. If you do that your research should be fine 3. What ethics govern sociological research? Openness, honesty, and truth. You have to be open about what you found how you found it and what you have learned in an honest and truthful manner. If you don’t it cannot be considered complete research. It would be falsities otherwise....
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