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Michael Samuels 10/15/07 Sociology 001 Critically Thinking Chapter 6 1. It’s hard to imagine what my orientations would be like in an agricultural society because my current attitudes, ideas, values, and goals towards manual labor is I don’t ever want to do it, hate doing it, and would never want to base my life around it. Assuming my personality stays the same, I would do the work that is necessary and I would find my place in the society but I probably wouldn’t enjoy doing it. I believe my goals would be how I could make this plowing and farming more efficient. All my attitudes and ideas would be based around that. 2. My in-groups would be : Greek Life, liberals, partiers, and people who take pride in doing things for society and becoming successful. My out-groups would be: Dorks, goodie goodies, people who lack independence, conservatives. I think being around my friends, and having my specific belief system I have
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Unformatted text preview: developed a solid vision of the world. I have come to learn what people I enjoy being around, and what things I think take away from society. I have firm beliefs about how society should be, and it just isn’t that way. Everything I have learned from my in-groups has influenced how I look at society’s interaction 3. I really haven’t experienced much peer pressure in my life. The only really time I remember having someone try to convince me to do something I didn’t want to do was when my ex-step brother tried to convince me to smoke a cigarette when I was 11. Everything I have been through in my life, tried, experimented with; I have waited until I wanted to do it for myself before trying it. None of my friends who did things before me ever pressured me into doing anything, honestly it was probably cause they wanted to keep it for themselves....
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