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Michael Samuels 10/29/07 Sociology 001 Chapter 7 Critically Thinking 1. You can make the hidden culture to your advantage by trying to emulate what the boss wants out of his employee. Regardless, of if you agree with him or not, if you follow his path to the fast track, eventually one day you’ll be able to mold the position into what you see fit. I don’t think it will affect my orientations to life, I go to a bureaucratic school already, and people a part of bureaucracy is just part of life and something you have to accept 2. The Peter Principle is comical and may contain some truth like the book suggests; however by in large it is very wrong. If corporations or businesses acted like then
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Unformatted text preview: the world would be filled with inefficient corporations who are not performing to capacity. This also would mean that nobody is better than anyone else and puts a limit on human capacity, which is just wrong. 3. They should absolutely have diversity training. In this day and age it is important to teach tolerance and equality in the work place. If this were to be successful people would no longer feel weird having a female or African American boss for example. Many companies succeed through videos, and hands on training to show how things should be handled and how all employees or customers should be treated equally....
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