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Michael Samuels 11/14/2007 Sociology 001 Critically Thinking Chapter 8 1. I once knew a kid who was underage and loved to drink. He would go into grocery stores with a backpack and would still liquor for his own personal use. This is an example of the control theory. He has inner conflict with his conscious that allows him, or rather doesn’t warn him about the bad deeds he is about to partake in. 2. I once swore in the aftercare program in my elementary school. The staff was very upset and I was put in ‘timeout’. I’m sure they believed it wasn’t proper for
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Unformatted text preview: me to be swearing, even though I personally and still dont think it is that big of a deal. 3. If you want to lower crime rate or fix the crime problem, it needs to start by reforming drug laws, in particular the 100:1 ratio of crack to cocaine penalties as well as legalizing marijuana. I think in some ways the labeling theory supports my view because people who use those drugs are seen as deviant people when in relating according to statistics marijuana is a safer drug than alcohol or cigarettes in regards to personal well being....
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