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Intro to Sociology

Intro to Sociology - can step into their shoes Activity...

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Chapter 13 Gender Age - The relative value placed on men’s and women’s ages Gerontocracy – A society (or some other group) run by the elderly Ageism – Prejudice, discrimination, and hostility directed against people because of their age; can be directed against any age group, including youth Age Cohort – People born at roughly the same time who pass through the life course together Disengagement theory – The view that society prevents disruption by having the elderly vacates (or disengages from) their positions of responsibility so the younger generation
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Unformatted text preview: can step into their shoes Activity Theory – The view that satisfaction during old age is related to a person’s amount and quality of activity. Continuity Theory – The focus of this theory is how people adjust to retirement by continuing aspects of their earlier lives. Dependency ratio – The number of workers who are required to support each dependent person – Those 65 and older and those 15 and under Hospice – A place (or services brought to someone’s home) for the purpose of giving comfort and dignity to a dying person....
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