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Sociology Class Notes November 15th

Sociology Class Notes November 15th - o A judge is guided...

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INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY CLASS NOTES NOVEMBER 15 TH , 2007 Both Deviant and Criminal: o Murder o Forcible Rape o Heroin Selling o Burglary Legalistic Approach – Takes the common-sense view that a crime is whatever the law defines as a crime at a given time and in a particular place. Natural Law Approach – Interpreted crime as a violation of divinely inspired guidelines. o The Nuremburg Trials at the end of WWII were based on the Natural Law Approach. Legal System of the U.S.: o Is grounded in the English Common Law Tradition. o The law develops over time through the accumulation of many cases. o Legal principles are based on precedent.
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Unformatted text preview: o A judge is guided by rulings made by other judges concerning similar cases in the past. • Pornography – Materials produced for adult entertainment. o Includes magazines, films, books, and sex toys. • Pornography is categorized according to two major factors: o 1.) Degree of depiction of sexual acts and aggressive acts. “Hard-core” pornography often depicts genitalia and sex acts that are aggressive and violent. Women usually are the victims of violence. o 2.) “Soft-core” pornography, sexually suggestive but non-violent....
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