Sociology Class Notes November 27th

Sociology Class - o Breast Cancer Men with lumps in their breast may have breast cancer but doctors often rule out the possibility • What about

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INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY CLASS NOTES NOVEMBER 27 TH , 2007 Sex – Biological characteristics that distinguish females and males. Gender – Socially constructed. Gender Stratification – Females and males unequal access to power, prestige and property on the basis of their sex. Patriarchy – A society or group in which men dominate women; authority is vested in males. Feminism – The philosophy that women and men should be politically, economically, and socially equal. Glass Ceiling – The invisible barrier that keeps women from advancing to the top levels at work. Sexual Harassment – the abuse of one’s position of authority to force unwanted sexual demands on someone, usually male to female. What do you think when you hear about gender inequality in healthcare? o For example heart attacks. Symptoms in a woman might be taken as anxiety.
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Unformatted text preview: o Breast Cancer. Men with lumps in their breast may have breast cancer but doctors often rule out the possibility. • What about gender inequality in everyday life? o Still Exists. • What comes to mind when you hear about date rape? o Happens to men but is often times less reported because of victims fear of embarrassment. • Sexuality – A type of social interaction where we perceive, experience and express ourselves as sexual beings. • Hermaphrodites – People born with ambiguous genitals. • Gender Roles – Societal Expectations about proper behavior, attitudes and personality of what female and male is. • Gender Socialization – The process by which individuals learn the cultural behavior of feminine and masculine that is associated with the biological sex of female or male....
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